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Every four minutes a fatal accident occurs in the United States.* In fact over 122,000 Americans died as a result of an accident in 2011 alone.** With Starmount AD&D Insurance your family will have the valuable financial protection they need to help them when the unthinkable happens.

Protect Your Family's Future
Getting AD&D Insurance from Starmount is fast and easy. You do not need to take a medical exam to get this valuable coverage and you can purchase your policy online in just a few minutes.

Guaranteed Coverage and More
With Starmount's affordable premiums you can get the coverage your family needs for as little as 18 cents per day--even if you have been turned down for life insurance in the past. Best of all your monthly premiums are guaranteed never to increase because of your health.

In fact, we even provide protection from inflation. For every two years of continuous coverage, your benefit will be increased by 3% of the initial benefit. Your benefit will continue to increase up to 112% of the insured benefit or until you reach age 70, whichever is earlier. (may vary by state) Benefits are reduced by half at age 70, and Policy terminates on 75th Birth Date. See Policy schedule for details.

Coverage That Goes Where You Go
Once you purchase your AD&D policy you will be covered at home, at work, and at play--all over the world--24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Your AD&D benefits will be paid out in a single lump sum--income tax free--providing critical financial support to your loved ones.

Additional benefits provided at no additional cost to you!

  • Commercial Airline Benefit- Your benefit amount will be doubled if death occurs as a result of an accidental injury while traveling as a fare-paying passenger in a regularly scheduled commercial airline.
  • Seat Belt Benefit- An additional 25% of the benefit amount will be paid if death occurs as a result of an accidental injury while operating or riding in a car and you are wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. Verification by the official accident report (police report) is required.
  • Dismemberment Benefit- Percentage of benefit amount payable:
    Loss of both hands or both feet 100%
    Loss of sight in both eyes 100%
    Loss of one hand and one foot 100%
    Loss of one hand or one foot and sight of one eye 100%
    Loss of either one hand or one foot  50%
    Loss of sight of one eye 50%

    “Loss" as used in the dismemberment benefit with reference to hand or foot means the complete severance through or above the wrist or ankle joint; as used with reference to eye means the irrecoverable loss of the entire sight thereof.

You Can Cover Your Family, Too
Starmount offers coverage for you, your spouse and your children as well. If the family plan is elected your benefit amount will change depending upon the type of coverage selected, but you will still pay the same affordable monthly premium.

Each covered individual’s benefit amount is determined by the type of coverage elected and will be the appropriate percentage from the table below.
Covered IndividualType of Coverage
Insured onlyInsured & SpouseInsured & ChildrenInsured, Spouse & Children
Each Childn/an/a10%10%

Maximum payout for all covered individuals is 200% of your coverage amount.

You have the right to return this policy after you receive it. Please see your policy for terms and conditions.

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